中小企業, 區域發展與政策研究團隊

The SMEs, Regional Development and Policy Studies team is formed to execute research that focuses on socio-economic issues in rural regions. The team is particularly interested in learning the dynamics of rural industries from the industrial life-cycle point of view, as well as business model innovations of SMEs in times of crisis. Some substantive research questions that the team is investigating include: 1) How to revitalise “left-behind” regions in Taiwan; 2) How rural businesses (e.g. pineapple farming) can be resilient and safeguard their business interests in times of significant industrial value migration; 3) How those affected by the Covid-19 outbreak plan the restarting/recovery of their business in the post-pandemic crisis; and 4) The role of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in empowering rural SMEs (skills/tacit knowledge or traditions that are passed down through the generations). Our scope of research covers scoping reviews and theoretical development, reviews of regional development policy and empirical analysis. Our researchers are dedicated to addressing some of the key issues facing rural communities. They are passionate and carry an outreach mission to improve civic engagement in the rural communities.


The 18th International Conferences – ASIALICS 2022
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