Pineapple Production and Marketing Groups in the Time of Pandemic

In response to changes in the overall social environment and the transformation of agricultural economic activities, Taiwan’s agricultural organization has become a trend. Taiwan became one of the members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2002. The Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan (hereinafter referred to as the Council of Agriculture), in order to enhance the competitiveness of agriculture, established a joint operation method of agricultural enterprization, informatization and institutionalization, and also improved production. The organization’s operation and management led to the establishment of an agricultural production and marketing group (農業產銷班), with a view to effectively reducing agricultural production costs and increasing agricultural income.

The agricultural production and marketing group is an important target of government agricultural governance and a basic unit to promote the improvement of industrial competitiveness. Therefore, Council of Agriculture has actively carried out a number of guidance measures for it, including subsidizing production and marketing facilities, assisting the production and marketing team in developing brands, giving agricultural management seminars, etc., in order to increase the operating capacity of the production and marketing groups. However, due to the influence of the external environment and the difference of internal resources, coupled with the guidance of government policies and the guidance of the executive unit, the agricultural production and marketing groups are having a variety of different types of operation as well as distinct operational performance. Continuing the Taiwan pineapple export issue mentioned before, the presentation will mainly give an introduction to agricultural production and marketing groups in Taiwan: how they work, what they do, and what are their roles in this issue.

Huei-Tsz Hsu

A Research Fellow in Rural Development and Revitalization