Environmental Sustainability Research Team

Our environmental sustainability team conducts both theoretical and empirical research on environmental and energy-related issues.  The team is particularly interested in institutional structure, processes, and mechanisms through which humans regulate human-nature interactions and shape environmental outcomes.  Needless to say, better governing and managing environmental and climate change issues has become one of the most critical challenges facing our planet and humanity in this century.  Our team view it as an inherently multi-faceted task, as it involves multiple interests and priorities from diverse groups of actors.  Our team’s goal is to contribute to the study of a wide range of issues related to the environment and energy, with a particular aim to inform decision-making in formulating and enacting policies across sectors, communities, and scales.

Research Posts

Environmental Civil Society Organizations and the State in China: Institutional Analysis of the Dynamics, 1980s‑2010s
Written by Kyoung Shin and Tingting Zhu Abstract The answer to the oft-asked question of state-civil society relations and the latter’s role in environmental governance in …
The 18th International Conferences – ASIALICS 2022
The Current Situation of Sustainable Packaging in the Taiwanese E-commerce Industry
Abstract The e-commerce industry in Taiwan is growing rapidly with the total revenue reaching 240 billion NTD in 2019, which can be assumed that over 120 …
The Orchestration between Private and Public Governace: The Case of Sustainability Certification Schemes for Palm Oil
The palm oil industry has been increasingly relying on international private initiative schemes, e.g. RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). While the GoI (Government of Indonesia) …
Current Situation of Reusable Packaging in Taiwan’s E-commerce Industry
Reserach Abstract According to EPA (Environmental Protection Administration), the domestic logistic industry is growing yearly in a rapid rate, from 27 billion NTD in 2012 to …
Political bi-partnership in Environmental Movements: Movement Organizers and Political Parties
Social movements attempt to make history, but only under circumstances existing already, given, and transmitted from the past (Ho, 2016). Social movements also act as an …